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Welcome to Chainership! Chainsaw’s new membership program. Do you want the perks of working at Chainsaw without the work? Do you love Chainsaw so much you want to join with it and become one? Now you can. With our exclusive Chainership tiers, we present you three unique opportunities to get a taste of the high life. From line bypass to free food to special karaoke privileges, we want to welcome you to fully immerse yourselves in the Chainsaw experience. It’s time to acknowledge to yourself that Chainsaw is more than just a bar to you—it’s a part of you.

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With the Chainer Blue Ribbon membership, you let the world know that you’re a Chainsaw Lover for life… or until your subscription runs out. All of our patrons are our family, you’ll just be the family we actually want to see at Christmas.


With the Chainer Gold Membership, you prove to your community that you believe in something greater than yourself… but instead are choosing a karaoke bar.

You don’t like lines, you don’t like cover, and you want to sing karaoke when YOU want. And what’s more, you love goooooooooold.


Welcome to the third and most prestigious tier of our exclusive membership program. You don’t just love Chainsaw, you ARE Chainsaw. To qualify for consideration:

  • Your blood must be six parts Chainsaw Lager, and four parts Pabst Blue Ribbon.
  • Regardless of where you are or what you’re doing, there’s a pretzel bun slowly digesting in your stomach.
  • You never worry about stepping on gum, because your shoes are always sticky.
  • You have zen-like control over your cast iron bladder after years of waiting in line for our bathrooms.
  • You don’t listen to a song unless you know we’ve got it for karaoke. What would be the point?
  • You have, at least, a vague sense of irony.

Members Get It.


Q: When does My membership begin?

A: Your membership begins the day you sign up and ends that same day 4 months later. At that time, you’ll have the opportunity to renew your membership.

Q: are there any days I can't use my Membership?

A: Yes, there are 9 days out of the entire year you CANNOT use your Blue Ribbon or Gold Membership perks. Membership perks cannot be used during Frosh Week (the Tuesday-Saturday after Labour Day), Homecoming Weekend (Friday and Saturday), New Year’s Eve, and St. Patrick’s Day. The staff want to provide the best experience for our members, and they can’t do that when they have 300 other bar patrons calling out for more Jäger shots. If you’re a Unicorn, there are no exclusions. 

Q: Does "no cover" apply to live events?

A: Yes, with the exception of our Blackout Days.

Q: Where and when can I pick up my shirt, card & sign?

A: Why, at the bar of course! Send an email to zstrummer@cabri-management.com once you’ve purchased your membership and we’ll arrange to have all your swag ready for pick up! For ID cards, there will be a one week turn around period.

Q: How is the membership sign or membership shirt different from the regular Chainsaw swag?

A: Included in your membership, each member will be given custom Chainership branded t-shirts and signs that denote your specific tier. These swag items are only available to members and will not be sold or given out to anyone else.

Q: What sort of "things" can I expect to receive from the Membership mail offers?

A: When you sign up for the Chainership, you will get exclusive first access to all of our video and blog content. We’ll also let you know first about any new deals or chances to get your hands on free giveaways including exclusive Chainsaw swag.

Q: Why are there only 3 Unicorn Memberships available?

A: If everyone is special then no one is. Haven’t you seen The Incredibles?

Q: The membership I want is sold out! What do I do?

A: Pray. 

Q: What food options does the free food item per night include?

A: What a delicious question. The free food items include our Dirty Burger, Veggie Burger, a small fry, or a Hot Dog.

Q: How do I get access to the line bypass?

A: If you are a gold member, register for line bypass through the “Gold Member Bypass” under the My Account tab on the website. If you are a unicorn, simply show a member of our security team your Chainership card to bypass any line.

Q: Can I give my Golden Tickets to friends?

A: Golden Tickets cannot be given away or sold. BUT, if the Gold Member is present at the bar, they may show their membership and submit 1 Golden Ticket to the karaoke host for someone else’s song request. If you use your Golden Ticket for a friend, this will count as your song for the night. Remember you can also “share” your tickets by bringing up to 4 friends on stage with you.

Q: Can I let a friend use my Other membership perks if I’m not using them?

A: No. Whoever told you sharing is caring is a bold-faced liar. Your membership is exclusive to you and must be used along with a valid photo ID. (Anything you would normally use to get in the bar.) Use of your card by someone else will result in all membership privileges being revoked without refund. Any resale of your membership perks is punishable by death. (Not really, but you will be banned from Chainsaw, which is arguably a fate much worse than death.)

Q: I’m moving out of the city, can I transfer my membership to a friend?

A: No. Why the hell would you want to leave Waterloo when we just got the LRT?

Q: Will my membership automatically renew?

A: No, we’re not Amazon. But we will send you an email reminder when your membership is about to expire reminding you that you can renew your subscription for another 4 months.

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